Terms and Conditions

The terms listed herein shall be the meaning ascribed to it, unless otherwise defined below:-

  1. “We” or “Our” or “Us” means Indo4ward Pte Ltd.
  2. “You” or “User” or “Customer” or “Your” means any persons or entities using or accessing the Services that Indo4ward Pte Ltd platform provides.
  3. “Platform” or “Site” means the website and the contents accessible under our domain, www.Indo4ward.com.
  4. “Services” means all the services offered by the platform of www.Indo4ward.com.
  5. “Product” or “Shipment” or “Order” means the goods, transaction, freight, parcels or item purchased by the User through Our platform from the respective on-line websites of the eCommerce merchant or marketplace in Indonesia.
  6. “Special cases” means orders that cannot proceed without our intervention and review of the order for quotation.
  7. “Terms” mean the terms of use set out herein.
  1. Agreement

These Terms and Conditions shall be applied to Users of the platform with no exception to its Orders, Contracts made, Contracts to-be made by Us for the service provided in purchasing items on behalf of You. Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and Us.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you are entering into this contract stipulated in our Terms stated herein.

  1. Registration

As part of the terms and conditions, the following is to be accepted and adhered by You in the use of Our Platform and Services as a User:-

  1. You must read, agree, and accept all the Terms and Privacy Policy, inclusive of those terms that were set out below prior to becoming a User.
  2. It is strongly recommended by us that all Users read the terms herein, as they may contain further terms and conditions applied to you as a User.
  3. Services are to only be available to individuals that are legally able to form binding contracts under applicable local jurisdiction. Without limitations of the foregoing, Our Service are not to be rendered to children under eighteen (18) years of age. However, potential Users can seek the involvement of a parent or guardian in using Our Services.
  4. If You are a business entity registering on Our Platform, you will be taken under legal representation with authority to bind the entity to this Agreement.
  5. Account Signups with Indo4ward is free of charge.

To place an Order with Indo4ward you must be over eighteen (18) years of age. If you are under eighteen (18), you may place an Order with Indo4ward only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

  1. Operation Hours

We operate from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in Singapore, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and gazette public holidays stipulated in Singapore or Indonesia.

  1. Terms of transaction

  1. Account creation and update
  1. To place an Order, You must first signup with us by creating an account on Our Platform. You must only submit to us information which is accurate of the User. You must also keep your information up to date by informing us of any changes, by using the relevant sections of the Platform.
  2. Misusing the platform and creating multiple accounts will result in breach of Terms and Conditions which may result in termination of account.
  1. Formation of a Contract for Orders
  1. To submit an Order, you will be required to follow the online shopping process on the Platform. Payment must be done prior, and in case of special cases, Customers will be asked to confirm the order before proceeding with payment. Thereafter, User will receive an order confirmation which will act as an acknowledgement of Your Order.
  2. An Order is only considered accepted by us if payment has been successfully received by Us.
  3. Orders will not be entertained in any other form (e.g., telephone, email or electronic chat services) other than through the Platform’s designed process.
  1. Order and Payment
  1. Whilst we make best efforts to ensure that all details, descriptions, and listed price appearing on this Platform are accurate, there may be instances where inaccuracy may take place due to a time of order creation and the purchase is made. In which, orders may be subjected to cancellation as stated herein the terms and conditions under 4.2 – Formation of a Contract for Orders
  2. We will take reasonable care to place User’s order correctly. In which if a case is to be surfaced from order discrepancies, User must bring them to Our attention within three (3) business days of us sending user the order confirmation. After which, all errors are deemed to be accepted by the User.
  3. While we aim to execute orders promptly when an order is placed, User agree that we will not be responsible for any delays. We reserve the right to reject any orders, at our discretion, at any time. For all orders placed and paid for, it is to be considered final.
  4. In the event that payment has been made but Customer does not seem to acknowledge the transaction it cannot it anyway be canceled or retrieved. Due to 3 step authentication and a secure payment procedure we assume the transaction is done with the card owners’ knowledge.
  1. Mistaken Orders

Whilst we are executing your orders promptly, changes to any orders will not be entertained or accepted if it has been placed more than twelve (12) hours after order has been confirmed and paid. If you discover that you have made a mistake with your Order, please contact [email protected] immediately. We will try our best to process your request.

  1. Refusal of Order

We do not warrant for any items that the User has ordered will be available for purchase, delivered or subjected to the correct pricing. We will automatically cancel any item ordered if it is found to be:

  1. Out of Stock
  2. Available at a higher pricing
  3. Lack of instructions from the Customer
  4. Unsuitable for transportation across borders
  5. Considerable hazardous, dangerous, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and any applicable government body and relating organizations.

While we do maintain to the best of our ability of categories of items offered by the merchant or marketplace that may go against the regulations of cross-border purchases from our customers. Orders may at times be processed due to incorrect labelling of item from the merchant or market place. In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel such an order that may have been paid by the customer.

If we cancel your Order and you have already made payment for your Order, the payment amounts will be fully refunded to you.

We will not be liable to you or any other third party by reason of our withdrawing any Product from this Platform, whether it has been sold or not, removing or editing any materials or contents on this Platform or for refusing to process or accept an Order.

  1. Cancellation of Order

Cancellation of orders is not acceptable after twelve (12) hours of order confirmation. However, any order requested to be cancelled within the stipulated twelve (12) hours of order confirmation will be subjected to a refund fee of One Singapore dollar.

Orders will be cancelled if there are unacceptable for shipments in the following:

  1. Considerable hazardous, dangerous, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and any applicable government body and relating organizations.
  2. Products deemed unacceptable by shipment will also be returned to the merchant at User’s cost and/or we reserve the rights to dispose of the Shipment
  3. At our discretion that we find the item unable to be transported safely or legally (such items include but are not limited to: animals, currency, bearer form negotiable instruments, precious metals and stones, firearms, parts thereof and ammunition, human remains, pornography and illegal narcotics/drug).

Such cancellation of orders will subject to a relevant service and related administration charges after recovering of the cost, any excess of cost will be chargeable to the Customer. In the event if the sale of goods has a balance of fund, balance of fund will be returned to the User.

  1. Deliveries

  1. Shipment is to be delivered accordingly to the respective address listed in the order. Shipment may be handled by various vendors in order to facilitate a central receiving area before delivering to you.
  2. Address listed in the shipment address may not be addressed to the named recipient personally.
  3. We do not guarantee deliver of packages which do not comply with the import or export regulations of the country the order is to be shipped to.
  4. If the recipient of the delivery or the shipment is refused or deemed unacceptable, or it has been undervalued, or the recipient cannot be reasonably identified or located, or User is not contactable by email requesting for additional payment of custom duties, freight charges or handlings of the shipment, we shall use reasonable efforts to return the shipment to the merchant if possible at the cost of the User. Failing which to return the goods, shipment may be disposed of, or sold by us without incurring any liability whatsoever to User or anyone else, with the proceeds of the sale applied against the service charges and related administration charges. If any of the balance is found from the sale of goods, it is to be return to the User.
  5. We will make every reasonable effort to deliver shipment accordingly to our regular delivery schedule after reaching the shores of the respective countries within 3-5 business days, however, these are not guaranteed or binding. We are not liable for shipment with any damages or loss caused by delays.
  6. We are not responsible of any damages resulting from shipment or local deliveries. Prior to International shipment, all packages are checked to make sure that no damages of any kind are found from the customers package
  1. Returns and Refund Policy

  1. We are not responsible for any errors made by the merchants in fulfillment of orders or otherwise. However, we will do our best to convey the necessary instructions of the orders as instructed by You in ensuring items are accurately executed.
  2. Refunds of product can only be made if items are in line with the Merchant’s terms and policies. Products that are to be requested for refund through Us, will be subjected to relevant shipping cost and administration fees. Where applicable, balance of funds will then be credited to the User after refunds has been provided from the merchant.
  3. All service charges payable by the User will not be eligible for refunds in the event where User elects to return the goods.
  4. If items ordered are not accordance with the product listings including pictures and descriptions provided by the Merchant from the selected ecommerce, refund might be applicable to that particular customer if the proof is provided to us and is eligible for refund.  
  5. Orders that has been received, paid, and shipped cannot be canceled or refunded.
  1. Prohibition

You cannot misuse our website or platform that would engage in criminal and unlawful activities.  You shall not commit or encourage a criminal offence, transmit or distribute a virus including but not limited to Trojan horse, worm, logic bomb or post any other material on the Platform which is malicious, technologically harmful, in breach of confidence or in any way offensive or obscene; hack into; corrupt data; cause annoyance to other users; infringe upon the rights of any other person’s propriety rights; send any unsolicited advertising or promotional material; or attempt to affect the performance or functionality of any computer facilities of or accessed throughout the Platform. Any breach of this provision would constitute an offence under the Computer Misuse Act and Cybersecurity Act 2013. In the event such breach occurs, INDO4WARD will report the breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and appropriate legal action will be taken.

  1. Indemnity and Limitation of Liability

  1. You agree to indemnify, defend, hold harmless of INDO4WARD, its directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third-party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including but not limited to, legal fees) arising from Your use of this Platform or You breach of the Terms and Conditions.
  2. The content displayed on this Platform is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Unless expressly stated to the contrary and to the fullest extent permitted by law, INDO4WARD and its suppliers, content providers and advertisers hereby expressly exclude all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, common law or the law of equity and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including but without limitation to any direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, profits, data or other intangibles, damage to goodwill or reputation, or the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services, arising out of or related to the use, inability to use, performance or failures of this Platform and any materials posted thereon, irrespective of whether such damages were foreseeable or arise in contract, tort, equity, restitution, by statute, at common law or otherwise.
  3. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit INDO4WARD’s liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, and misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
  1. Complaints

  1. We shall perform the obligations under these Terms and Conditions with reasonable skills and care.
  2. We place great value on our Customer satisfaction. You may contact us at any time using our chat systems or email us through [email protected]. We will attempt to address your concerns as soon as possible and will contact you on receipt of any relevant enquiry or complaint. In guarantee cases, the manufacturer or supplier must generally be involved, and as such it may take longer to resolve such an enquiry or complaint.
  3. In the event of a complaint it will help us if you can describe the object of your complaint as accurately as possible and, where applicable, send us copies of the Order or at least the Order number that was assigned to you in the Order Confirmation. In rare cases, your emails may be caught up in our spam filters or not reach us, or correspondence that we send to you may otherwise not have reached you. If you did not receive any response from us within five (5) Business Days, please make further enquiries.
  1. Circumstances beyond our control (Force Majeure)

  1. We shall not be liable to you for any breach, hindrance or delay in the performance of a Contract attributable to any cause beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation:
  1. Strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action
  2. Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war.
  3. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster.
  4. Impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport.
  5. Impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunications networks
  6. The acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government, shipping, postal or other relevant transport strike, failure or accidents.
  1. In the circumstance that the Force Majeure event lasts for more than one week, either you or we may terminate the Contract forthwith by written notice and without any liability other than a refund of a Product already paid for by you and not delivered.
  2. If we have contracted to provide identical or similar Products to more than one Customer and are prevented from fully meeting our obligations to you by reason of a Force Majeure event, we may decide at our absolute discretion which Contracts we will perform and to what extent.
  3. We reserve absolute discretion on the solution we adopt in fully meeting our obligations under the Contract despite the Force Majeure Event.
  1. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All content included in or made available through our Platform, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, campaign titles and data compilations is the property of INDO4WARD or its content suppliers and is protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved by INDO4WARD and its licensors. You may store, print and display the content supplied solely for your own personal use. You are not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any format, any of the content or copies of the content supplied to you or which appears on this Platform nor may you use any such content in connection with any business or commercial enterprise.
  2. In addition, graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names included in or made available through the Platform are trademarks of INDO4WARD in Singapore and other countries. INDO4WARD's trademarks may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not provided by INDO4WARD, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits INDO4WARD. All other trademarks not owned by INDO4WARD that appear on the Platform are the property of their respective owners.
  3. Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of content on our site must always be acknowledged.
  4. You must not use any part of the content on our site for commercial purposes without obtaining a license to do so from us or our licensors. In the event INDO4WARD becomes aware of any infringement of its intellectual property rights, it shall not refrain from taking any relevant legal action.
  5. If you print, copy or download any part of our Platform in breach of these Terms and Conditions, your right to use our Platform will cease immediately and you must, at our option, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made. You shall not modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on any software or accompanying documentation supplied by INDO4WARD or its licensors.
  1. Links on our site

We shall use our reasonable endeavours to comply with any relevant regulations relating to the Site published by the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore.

  1. You may link to our home page, provided you do so in a way that is legal and is not likely to damage our reputation or take advantage of it, but you must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on our part where none exists.
  2. You must not establish a link from any Platform that is not owned by you.
  3. This Platform must not be framed on any other Platform, nor may you create a link to any part of this Platform other than the home page. We reserve the right to withdraw linking permission without notice.
  1. General

  1. We reserve the right to amend, vary, delete or add to these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice, and the amended terms and conditions shall apply with immediate effect. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, You will be bound by these terms that may varied from time to time.
  2. All notices shall be given by postal mail to “Indo4ward, Attn: Legal and Compliance Team, 3 Coleman Street, #03-24, Singapore 179804. Alternatively, we may give you notice by certified mail, postage prepaid and return receipt requested, to the address provided to us during the registration process. In such cases, notices will be deemed given 3 days after the date of mailing.
  3. Whilst the Site may be accessed by Users outside of the catered country, the laws of the Republic of Singapore, without regard to the conflict of laws principles thereof, will apply to the Terms stated herein. All disputes arising from the use of our Site and Services shall be resolved by arbitration in Singapore in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”) from the time being in force, which rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference in this clause. Tribunal of the case shall comprise of one (1) arbitrator to be appointed by the Chairman of the SIAC.